The Five-Step Foolproof Way to Applying Lashes

Let’s face it: false eyelashes are amazing. They can transform any makeup and turn you into a beautiful, eye-fluttering goddess in an instant. But oh my GOD are they hard to put on! It takes at least 30 minutes, half a bottle of eye glue, and a prayer to God to get one band to stick on. Just one.

But I have done it. I have finally found THE foolproof way to put on eyelashes that will send you walking out the door in no time. I mean, not taking into consideration the rest of your makeup routine, but I think you get what I mean. I promise you won’t even need winged eyeliner to hide the eyelash band.

I have used this method to put on eyelashes before parties, family events, class, even (and get this) while pre-gaming before hitting the town for St. Patty’s Day. I put them on while I was not entirely of sound mind and body and they looked good, and that isn’t my drunk memories clouding my judgment. Looking back on the photos now, I don’t look too hot in some, but you know what looks great? My freaking eyelashes.

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Ignoring the fact I look crazy, and also my boyfriend’s arms, y’all see those lashes? Yeah. Those aren’t mine. Those are fake as hell, and they look good.

But let’s get back to the main point: The foolproof way to putting on eyelashes. Let’s do this.

What you’ll need:


  • Eyelashes. Duh. I use Ardell lashes from the drugstore. They’re good and they’re cheap!
  • Eyelash glue. I use this one
  • Tweezers, to get more precision when putting them on
  • A handheld mirror
  • A tiny brush or a Q-tip
  • A pencil eyeliner that can sit on the waterline without smudging everywhere. I swear by this one

Now there are a few steps we have to do before getting to applying the lashes. First, you’re going to want to make sure the lashes fit your eye correctly. To figure this out, you’ll take one of the bands and line it up with your eye starting from the inner corner. You’re going to want to start with the inner corner because you DON’T want to trim for there. You can’t recreate those shorter lashes once you snip them off. I’ve tried, and it looks bad. So cut off the excess piece that extends past your lash-line on your outer corner. Do it with the other eyelash band and you’ll be almost good to go.

The second pre-step you’ll want to do is curl and apply a single coat of mascara to your lashes. This will just help blend your real lashes better with the fake ones.

Alright! Let’s get this show on the road since you’re prepped and ready to begin.

First, You’re going to take your eyelash glue and put it on the back of your hand. I always squeeze out too much because it comes out a little fast, so be careful. A small dot will do.

Second, Grab one of the eyelashes with your tweezers. 619BC13A-AB4D-4177-8696-725C6701DCC7I like to grab them closer to the root of the lash so I can get the most control when I pop them on.

Third, take your brush or Q-tip and get some glue. I use a Q-tip but I’ll tell you why you’re going to probably want to use a brush: the loose fibers in the Q-tip could get stuck in the glue while you’re applying it to the eyelash band. That is going to bug the hell out of your eye and you aren’t going to know why. It’s a mess. Do as I say, not as I do.

Anyways, take the glue on your glue-applying apparatus and put it on the eyelash band. Make sure you put enough on and put a little extra at each end. Those are the places that are prone to ungluing. Now we are going to wait about 20-30 seconds, holding the eyelash band with our tweezers.

Fourth, great! The time is here and you’re going to put the band on your eyelashes. So here is my trick: take your handheld mirror, whether it be one from an eyeshadow palette or one of those ones that sit on your desk, and put it and a level where you are looking down into it. Not all the way down into your lap though. Imagine this: You’re sitting at your desk, and you get a text. You pull out your phone and rest your hands on top of the desk to read it. That is the level you’ll want the mirror to be at. Got it? Good.

Take your eyelash band and gently put them as close to your lash line as possible, and drop them down. Don’t worry about the placement yet if they look wrong. Take your tweezers and adjust the outer corner first, by grasping the end and pulling them to where they need to be and then push them into your lash line. Do the same thing with the inner corner, making sure the glue really attaches here. I always find the inner corner wants to lift first, so I spend an extra second or two firmly (but gently, this is your eyeball and you don’t want to injure it while putting on a pair of fake lashes) pushing the lash into place.

I’ll also take my tweezers and squeeze the band of the fake lashes and my real lashes together across the whole lash line. I find that gets them a little closer together, which is key considering you don’t want people seeing your band hanging out above your actual lash line.

Last, and arguably this is the most important part I think, take the waterproof and smudge-proof eyeliner and line your upper waterline with it. If you don’t know what that is, then I’ll tell you! You probably know where your bottom waterline is; it’s that flesh-colored ledge on the inner part of your eye. Sometimes makeup gurus on YouTube will put different colored eye pencils there. There is a similar waterline on the upper part of the lid, and when you curl your lashes you can really see it. Try and apply the eyeliner up there.

It’ll be a little ticklish and feel weird, but it makes your lashes look fuller and darker, and it hides the band incredibly well especially if you darken the inner corner a little heavier to blend in the seam where the fake lashes start.

If you’re finding it especially difficult to line this part of your eye, I use to take the pencil and place it on the top waterline and then close my eye and rub it around. Gets the job done and feels a lot less uncomfortable/ticklish/weird.

Repeat these steps for the other eye and there you have it!


Beautiful, flirty, fluttery eyelashes. I can apply my lashes in under five minutes with these steps, but that’s also partly due to the fact that I have been practicing on myself and on friends for a few years now. But if you want to become a speedy lash pro too, then keep practicing these five steps and you’ll get there in no time!


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