Dressin’ Up Boozy: Champagne

The Outfit Series Based on Your Favorite Alcoholic Drinks

The past few weeks I’ve been browsing around on Instagram, I’ve been noticing more and more outfit post inspired by different things. Like outfits inspired by school majors, the color pink, even song lyrics. I always sit on my phone and admire the pictures of the neatly planned outfits and accessories and how they correlate to the theme. And one day after browsing through a whole bunch of them, I had a thought. What kinds of outfits would certain alcoholic drinks be? Each alcohol has a certain “personality”, so why not create outfits based on that concept? So begins my series: Dressin’ Up Boozy! Today is also my roommates 21st birthday, so I felt like basing the first look on champagne would only be fitting, and also pretty fun.

Champagne is the type of girl who enjoys the finer things in life. She loves silks, (faux) furs, anything that sparkles, and anything that is considered a luxury item. This girl looks expensive. Even though sometimes she might get her looks for a bargain, she knows just how to style them to look a little more lavish.


She always looks put together, no matter the occasion. Her favorite piece in her closet is probably her little black dress. It can be dressed up or dressed down, transitioned from a day to a night look in no time, and remains classy always, just like herself.


She likes to add only a few accessories. She wouldn’t want anything that would be too distracting or bold. Subtle gold pieces, like a small ring and dainty necklaces, are what she would want to pair her outfits with.


And this girl wouldn’t be caught dead without a pair of heels. If rhinestones are involved, that’s also a plus (even if they have color).


But don’t mistake her personality for being snobby. This girl is bubbly, with an effervescent spirit that flows from her. Even with Champagne’s effortless sophistication, her personality has a certain zesty je ne sais quoi. No matter the occasion, you are going to want this girl to make an appearance at your party.


Items in this shoot:




Jewelry: choker(similar), necklace, ring(similar)

Shoes(couldn’t find a similar pair of heels to mine anywhere…but any heels would work!)


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