The Unsponsored, Honest Try-on Review of Zaful

I spend lots of time on YouTube and other internet sites trying to find the cheapest clothes, one YouTuber, Kelsey Simone, posted a video titled “HUGE AFFORDABLE FALL TRY ON HAUL! | Fashion Trends.” 

She is one of my favorite influencers to follow, with her monochromatic but chic style, so I was absolutely ready to watch this video and take some notes. Low and behold, this video was sponsored by Zaful, known by some as that website that’s shady but sponsors a ton of influencers/YouTubers. People got heated in the comments when the video was first published, saying that this company wasn’t to be trusted, their customer service was nonexistent, and that they took their money and never gave them their clothing. So I thought, for whatever reason, that I would see for myself if this company was to be trusted or not. With all the negative reviews of this company online, this probably wasn’t a great idea, but I bought four items of clothing and tried my luck. The things you do when you really want a certain aesthetic in your life.

The first thing about my experience with Zaful was that shipping was sort of a mess. I’d get my shipping number, and have to go through the website through three different pages to access the tracking number. It was a hassle, to say the least. And when I would check the tracking number, half the time it wasn’t even updated.

My items came in two separate shipments, and I got a tracking number for each. The first order, with my dress, sweater, and halter shirt came within two weeks. I got a text from DHL the day before they were delivering the package so I could be home to sign for the delivery. I was a little creeped out because I don’t remember giving my number to Zaful, only my email, but the next day my three items did arrive.

My second shipment took forever. I’m not sure why everything shipped separately in the first place, but there was a minute where I thought I was never getting this sweater and it was just going to be lost in the unknown. The tracking never updated for this item and DHL never texted me like the previous shipment, I just went to check my mailbox one day and found it was stuffed inside.

Shipment fiasco aside, I did get all my items, contrary to the negative reviews people left (thank God).

And for the price, I’m pretty pleased with all the items I got. They are all actually pretty nice quality and have held up well.


I found that shirts on Zaful run a little small, so I’d recommend getting one size up if you’re going to order from them. This crop top shows a little more stomach than I wanted, but the back is so fricken adorable.zaful-13

I mean come on. The ties are long enough to tie in a bow and that just looks so cute! This shirt isn’t see through either which is a very happy surprise.


This sweater was also surprisingly nice and soft. It’s made out of this thicker knit material which I wasn’t expecting and has held up nicely even after washing it quite a few times. The bell sleeves are what really pulled me in though, which my picture doesn’t really do justice, but they are there, I promise!


I found this sweater to be the most unlike the photo online. In the picture, it looked long and white, but when I received it, it was very cropped and more of a cream color. The sleeves are also a little awkwardly short. But it is made of a thick knit material which made it redeem some of its flaws.


This gray dress is probably my favorite item I got. It is also made of a good quality, ribbed, stretchy material which is comfortable to wear. It has two slits on either side and amazing gold chain straps.


I personally hadn’t seen straps like this on anything, and they were gold so I had to get it. I’m really glad I did and hopefully, I can wear this dress somewhere that isn’t just my bedroom.

But would I order from Zaful again…probably not. While the quality was actually good, the pieces weren’t that much cheaper from somewhere I could find that could deliver faster. The shipping was also a hassle and it was annoying to wonder if I’d share the same fate of the few and not get my items.

If you’re extremely patient and see something you’re dying to get, then go for it. But I think I’m going to stick to places I know will deliver faster and maybe even cheaper.


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