Internship – Week 1

(This will be a a set of ten blog posts over the course of my internship to go over what I’m doing and what I’m learning/thinking/feeling about it. So here we go!)

My first week of my internship started a week ago and it went smoothly, but was pretty quiet. I’m interning for a group of women writers that call themselves True Lit, and two of the four I’m doing work for reached out this first week. I know I’ll get more work later, like even for week two, and I should probably relish in the rather light work load but I’m excited and want to dive right into the work.

This week I focused mainly on understanding how SquareSpace works, how MailChimp works, and doing an overview of each writer’s social media. I feel like this past academic year was focused around social media and how to really make it work for you when creating a brand for yourself and how it can really change the way business is done. And being an author, having an online presence is extremely important. It gives the author a chance to connect to their readers and create a conversation, to really be a person outside of the little blurb on their book jacket. Looking over their personal websites and social medias gave me a chance to see what they’re doing well and what they could improve so they have a better social media presence. I also compared True Lit’s separate social medias to other well known authors social medias and websites to see what other authors are doing. Some other research was involved too, just to see how an author should approach social media, and after researching and reading, my suspicions were pretty correct. Lots of authors want to use social media to push their books to sell, and that makes sense in theory. But people want to connect to someone, to feel like they aren’t just following a salesperson. So mixing some product pushing with interactive content is really the way to go. That’s what helps to create conversation so when an author puts content out that is about buying their next novel, it doesn’t create this negative reaction of “omg not this again” but rather a positive one.

Other things I did this week were reading pieces from each writer I’m working for to really understand their voice and style. One of the things I’m most excited to work on for this internship is helping with plot for a few of the women that are working on their next novels. But I know that I can’t just jump into plot without knowing each writer’s style. And I love that True Lit is this group of women who all have very different styles because that gives me the chance to work in different styles too. Playing with style is one of my favorite things to do, so reading and taking these mental notes of how these women write so I can help them in the future is really cool.

For week two I’m meeting with two of the women to get some work done so I guess we’ll see where this internship takes me next week! So far, so fun.

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  1. Love it Carly! What an amazing opportunity for you to learn and create your own style. So proud of you 😘. Love you!


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