Internship – Week 3

This week was rather busy as the two other women in the True Lit group reached out to me. So now everyone has contacted me with at least one thing they would like to have me do and it is going to be a fun and busy time until the end of the quarter!

This week was mainly focused on finishing up reading and editing a manuscript for one of the women in the group and then getting handed another manuscript to read and edit! Apart from working on plot and seeing how a book is actually formed, I think reading a manuscript on Word is my favorite part.

To me, writing an actual book is something that seems like an unattainable fantasy to me. Obviously tons of people do it, but it just seems so unreal. The one thing I love about classes at SCAD is they’re teaching us about writing for media, and managing and being good at web design, and promotional work for a company and writing a story that way. And don’t get me wrong, I totally love that too, but for fiction, we only ever just wrote short stories. Not that you can teach fiction really, but I think there are things about writing books that can be shared. So getting to see a 340 page manuscript sit in front of me on my computer screen is really inspiring, and burst my bubble of thinking that this is something unattainable. And it’s also helped to hear about their process for writing their books.

Writing a book isn’t a sprint. And I think that might be what also makes the task of writing a book so daunting. But hearing the different ways they write their books helps me understand there isn’t a right way to write a book, and that lots of people go into that process as well. Like me, helping talk out plot from Tina’s book she’s writing currently. I guess, in all, it’s just learning this process of writing a book that’s given me some perspective. And without this internship I think I still would be afraid of writing a book one day.

Well! That was quite the tangent. Other things I did this week, was meet up with the two other women. One, Nancy Brandon, has tasked me with writing her Wikipedia page for her. The other, K.W. Oxnard, has obviously asked me to read her manuscript and edit it. Also to make sure it’s “good” (her words, not mine. That made me laugh though — of course it’s going to be good). We are also in the works for creating her author website as well, which kind of segues into my fourth week as I go back into more social media/website work. There was lots of reading this week — not just manuscript reading, but also research reading about the Vietnam War and drafting/deferments that took place in the 60’s, social media analytics for one of the women in the group, and information on Nancy Brandon.

A crazy week, but a good one. Can’t wait to see what the next week has in store.

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