Internship – Week 4

Hooray, another week of my internship down!

This week was rather slow…I was supposed to start reading and editing another manuscript, one I was really excited to start, but the Google Docs didn’t open. Emailed Katherine (K.W.Oxnard) back, but didn’t hear back until later as she’s on a family vacation. Still haven’t gotten the file, which makes sense. She’s in Colorado with her family and not only is work taking a back burner, but wifi is pretty bad up in the mountains. I’m (good) anxious to start reading it! I told Katherine to not tell me much about it so I wouldn’t go in with any preconceived ideas beforehand, so all I know is that it’s historical fiction and set in Savannah and New Orleans. I haven’t really read much historical fiction, but I’m excited to step out of my comfort zone and read and edit another manuscript!

And on that same topic of stepping out of my comfort zone, Tina has been pushing me to write fiction again. I have meetings with her bi-weekly, and when we first met she asked me how writing was going and I told her practically non-existent. It had been a full year since I wrote any fiction at the end of this past spring quarter. And for that year I was taking fiction, deadlines were one after the other, so I was always thinking of characters, story ideas, setting, dialog. It was a constant buzz in my head of trying to get that good story to make sense because it was missing just one thing. And when I finally figured it out, it was like the gun sounding at the horse races, and boy was I off. But then I was all out of fiction classes and the buzzing stopped and it was nice to not have to worry about hitting deadlines.

So my fiction stopped. And it bothered me a little. But I was busy with college work, so it was put on the back-burner. But like, the back-burner in a friend’s apartment three blocks down the street. So Tina told me that she wants me to have something for her to read whenever I see her now. It doesn’t have to be finished, or good, or long, but just something.

And that still freaks me out. I remember my Sophomore year in college a professor told my class that writer’s block isn’t when you have no ideas, it’s when you have too many ideas and you aren’t picking one and going with it. And every time I had writer’s block from then on, I would hear him say that, realize he was right and pick an idea. Now that voice is haunting me because for once, I actually have no ideas. Not one. If I did, you can be absolutely sure I’d pick it and run with it, but it’s like someone took the idea making side of my brain, locked it up and hid the key from me.

But I guess that’s what this internship is for. Not just fun stuff like reading manuscripts that no one else has yet, and working on plot for upcoming novels. But challenging me to do something I really loved and now struggle with: writing fiction. Ugh.

Sorry, another rant, but I was thinking about this all week. That, and this week was slower than the rest. Hopefully the manuscript will find its way to my email and I’ll finally get to read it this week. If not, maybe I can post my new fiction (whatever it’s going to be) along with next week’s update. Wish me luck!

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