Internship – Week 6

Another week down. Weird to think I only have a couple more (official) weeks to do this internship. Of course, if the ladies need help with websites and reading manuscripts after the 10 weeks are up, I’m not going to turn them down!

This past week have been kind of like the last few. Had a few meetings, worked on some social media work, website design, and Wikipedia stuff. The main thing I did this week was finish reading Katherine’s manuscript. I wanted to sit down and read it all because I had a meeting with her today and wanted to have all my thoughts about the book ready for her for this meeting. So that did mean I spent the majority of my Sunday sitting and reading the book. Of course, that isn’t a bad thing, not even close to being a bad thing actually. It was a beautifully written piece, and being able to go in with a fresh pair of eyes and tell her what I thought was super fun.

It was also great because her book truly was something I enjoyed reading, and that’s not something I say lightly or just say because she’s technically my boss. When I started my writing courses my sophomore year at SCAD, one of the first classes I took was called “Reading for Writers”. It’s your basic 101 course and taught us as writers how when reading other’s work, we should look for certain things that we can either use ourselves or avoid like the plague. And my professor for that course told us on the first day that he would ruin reading for us. He would ruin in because even if we tried reading for pleasure, we wouldn’t be able to focus solely on the story because we would also be analyzing the writing. I had two thoughts about this: 1) that’s bullshit and 2) if it’s not bullshit, I’m going to just override my need to analyze and just read for pleasure anyways.

Oh, how wrong I was. And how I curse that professor still because he was so right. If I am pleasure reading, I will always (at the very least) take mental notes of how the author didn’t set up the scene right, how the author was too wordy, or even just the pacing of story and how it’s right/wrong for it. It has put me in a predicament where if there’s too many things wrong with a book, I will abandon it. And I have abandoned many books over the past few years because I can’t shut up this analyzing part of me now. There is no overriding it.

SO, being hooked by Katherine’s book by the first paragraph was a pretty incredible feat just by itself, but she also kept my interest throughout it while I kept analyzing. It made me proud to be interning for someone who’s work is that amazing.

Anyways! I also actually wrote a little fiction this week! Which is another incredible feat because I haven’t written anything just for the fun of it in a very, very long time. But it was like I saw a one second scene in my head and needed to write it down before it blew away into the wind. And so I did just that! It’s the little things, man. And I definitely attribute that spark of creativity to this internship. It’s making me think more about writing and how to creatively solve their problems and I think it’s leaking into my own life.

This upcoming week I’m going to be doing a little more Wikipedia work, making some mock-ups for Katherine’s website, and…something else but I can’t remember now. It’ll come to me.

That’s it for now! Another update will come next week.

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