Internship – Week 7

Annnnnd we are back with another update on my internship. Seven weeks down, three to go! And this week was actually a little different than the other weeks which is nice because it was like a change of scenery….but work wise.

So last Monday I had a meeting with Katherine, which I think I mentioned in last week’s blog post. We talked about her book as well as coming up with concepts for her new website. She used to have one but it got removed/deleted/got lost in the vast ethers of the internet, so besides reading her manuscript, this was the big project she wanted me to do for her. Which is great and also super necessary because every author should have a website…well, actually every artist should, but that’s besides the point.

The main thing we looked at was what kind of style/layout she wanted her website to have. And knowing basic internet stuff, this could arguably be the most important thing. Sure, functionality is important because if someone were to click on your website and it take forever to open or they click on a page that just doesn’t open, that someone will probably just give up and not go to your site. But if your website looks like it was made in the early 2000’s by a two-year-old monkey, then lord help us.

It’s like the basic principle “looks matter” that people say isn’t true but really is. I took a course this past year where we talked about website layout, and how it should be clean, easy to navigate and nice to look at. Pretty basic stuff. So we decided to look at a few websites from famous authors and I was a little surprised at how bad they looked. One website we looked at was Suzanne Collins, the woman who wrote the Hunger Games trilogy. And good God. If you haven’t seen it, maybe go take a peak at it here. I don’t want to be mean, I loved the first book in her series, but this website layout is very… strange. Pictures aren’t lined up, the “selected works” sidebar doesn’t make sense, and…just why is she posing with a rat and why is that the first picture we see of her on her website. Just…why Suzanne?

SO needless to say, looks matter! And Katherine and I both agreed that we wanted her website to have a look that set her apart from other well-groomed author websites out there. I did some mockups for her and played around with color scheme, different types of pictures for her banner, fonts, whether her bio would be a separate page or be apart of the home page, all that jazz. It was fun to come up with a whole bunch of mockups and then discuss which ones we thought were working and which ones weren’t. So now it’s just a few more series of mockups and discussions, and then getting her website up and running!

This week I also helped Judy put together a blog post on her website that centered around a giveaway she did. To enter the giveaway, the readers of her newsletter submitted their favorite first line of a novel and Judy wanted to showcase all those first liners in a blog post. So I had the wonderful (and extremely tedious) task of making sure every first line submitted was in fact, the first line of a novel, then checking to make sure that it was spelled correctly, and that every novel and author were also correct. Then I had to find every book cover and put them into the blog post. It sounds a lot simpler when I write it down but there were so many first lines! Some from very obscure books which were hard to find. Though I did add quite a few books to my ever growing list of books I need to read though, so that was nice.

Annnd here we are! I did a few other things this past week, but they weren’t nearly as exciting as the two things I mentioned in this blog post. Those two were the big ones this week.

This upcoming week I have a meeting with Tina on Wednesday and then the True Lit women have group critiques every two weeks or so and invited me to come and see their process and I’m so excited! So I’ll be sure to talk about that in next weeks post. I’ll also be sure to link Judy’s First Line blog post and Katherine’s websites once those are both up. But that’s it for now…week 8 here I come!


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