Internship – Week 8

Sorry this post is coming to everyone a bit late, I had traveled to California this past week and had been with family and traveling was hectic. But, I am back now and am finally going to add this update with the rest!

SO! Week eight is done. Since I was traveling and preoccupied with that during my eighth/ninth week, my memories are a bit fuzzy on what I did. I know it involved research for Tina’s writing, which I always love to do. It’s time consuming and tedious to research information like movies that were filmed in the 1950’s or late that involved a couple going on a road trip, but I have always loved researching. So I’m always more than happy to do that for her. I was thinking about it the other day too, because I remember when I took fiction courses my sophomore year of college, my professor would always say that we should write about stuff we know. And I feel like I hear that a lot, it’s like the mantra of the writing community or something. But that same year, I think within days of my fiction professor telling us that, my other writing professor told the class, “Don’t write about stuff you know, write about stuff that you love.”

And that always stuck with me because, shit, I don’t know anything about ballerinas or ballet. But I know that I love the way ballerinas seemingly float on stage, so I research french ballet terms, what tutus are made of, how and where dancers will cut and resew their pointe shoes so they fit them perfectly. That simple sentence taught me how powerful passion is when it comes to writing, and I’m glad that whenever I get to do research for a piece (whether my own or someone else’s) that passion bubbles right up inside me again.

I also redid the blog post that is now up on Judy’s website. So check it out here if you have the time. And please do, because not only is it really cool and will give you some books to add to your reading list, but it took forever to do. But mainly it’s just a cool blog post. So look at it. Or not. Whatever (but really…you should).

The main thing that did happen in week eight that I do remember quite clearly was that I got to go to a group critique session with all the ladies in True Lit! I was so thrilled to go, just because I wanted to see their critiquing process and learn from their notes. There’s always critiquing going on at SCAD, with a critique happening at least once a week. But I find it always helps to listen even if I’m not the one getting critiqued because other people’s comments may apply to my own work.

So I got to listen and watch the women discuss their thoughts on Tina’s and Nancy’s pieces. It lasted three-ish hours, and each woman would talk one by one, first beginning with their thoughts on the plot or story as a whole, and then going page by page with their critiques. It was so organized and I’m glad I got to sit and watch. Because Tina’s and Nancy’s pieces were 12 page excerpts of book they’re working on, the pieces were continuations of their stories, so I didn’t really know what was going on in the pieces themselves. But it was really rewarding when one of the other ladies commenting on Tina or Nancy’s piece said something that I had took notes on myself. It made me feel like I was on the right track.

Anyway, that was a little summary of week eight! And since I’m in the middle of week nine, my update on nine will come on Monday annd shortly after I’ll do a week ten and overall internship recap (that’ll probably go up on Thursday/Friday, since that’s when my summer quarter officially ends)! Can’t believe my internship and summer is basically over…where has the time gone??

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