Internship – Week 9

Week nine! We are beginning to close in on the end here. So weird that this summer has flown by so quickly. I think I mentioned that in my last post, but seriously, I begin my senior year of college in two weeks. What??

So to help take my mind off the impending year and the fact that I’m graduating, let’s talk about week nine! Week nine was also sort of weird like week eight because I was in California and was doing work for the ladies via email and calls. I also felt bad because the time difference made everything weird, and I didn’t want to send anything too late in the day because my California-late was Savannah-super-late. So most of my work was done in the early morning in California.

Week nine was mostly taking calls, discussing websites, and researching odds and ends for Tina again. Tina is going to be taking a trip to Idaho and Montana and going to be visiting some bookstores while she’s on her trip to do some promo for her book, so she asked me to do some research on a few and get their contact information. The only thing is, most of the towns she was going to visit only really had one bookstore in/around them…so that made my job easy in a way, but I felt bad that I couldn’t provide other options for her. Since I flew out from Sacramento to Savannah on Wednesday, I had some downtime in the airport and was able to knock out another task there. It was just taking emails and names of people who want to be signed up for Tina’s e-newsletter and digitizing and alphabetizing them.

Which sounds kind of boring and tedious, but I also realized after finishing up how cool this internship. This internship was, for the most part, pretty digital. I got to go to California without much trouble because all my work could be done on the computer, and where I was going had wifi (like most places do nowadays). If there was a problem, the ladies could call me up and ask me any questions they had. It was more of a realization I guess that what I do, and what I can to do with my job in the future, could all be done on my computer. And I think that’s both a super awesome thing and something to also be careful of.

Like I could potentially work from anywhere in the world, and that’s a huge luxury. I keep seeing this idea of remote work opportunities pop up in courses that I’ve taken at SCAD too, especially my digital media courses. I mean, I even write for an online magazine called HerCampus during the school year, and when I go to see my boyfriend living in Colorado in the spring, I’m able to complete my articles no problem. It’s interesting seeing this workplace change from an office setting to doing work from the comfort of your home. And I think that might be the downside of it all too. If you’re able to do work from anywhere in the world due to your computer, you’re going to be tethered to your laptop and wifi. And with social media as well, your life could then be consumed by the digital. It’s weird that I could have a job where I could live anywhere in the world, but most of the time would be spent in my own home working from my computer.

Writing and technology are crazy.

But even crazier is the fact that this is the last week of my internship! Check in on Thursday to see my final recap and all my thoughts on my internship. One more post to go!

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