In a world full of vivid yellow-orange sunsets, green rolling hills, and purple mountains, I still chose to live my life in shades of gray. Living life according to the grayscale is both simple and beautiful. There’s something soothing about sitting in a soft, light gray room with a good book, or laying in freshly washed, crisp white bed sheets. That, and I never have to worry about forgetting a single red sock when I’m washing all my whites.

Welcome to my little blog: The Grayscale. This blog is dedicated to my life’s endeavors on achieving a monochromatic life. It isn’t easy when art school, family members, and life is out to get you with color, especially when you try doing this on a college budget. But my taste for the finer, grayscale things in life is leading me on a journey to find the cheapest clothes, the easiest DIY’s and the coolest high-end dupes to lead a lifestyle that is both aesthetic and easy on the wallet.

So if you want to watch me (hi, I’m Carly by the way) try my damnedest to live a monochromatic lifestyle on a budget, you are more than welcome to stick around! You could even give me a follow and maybe you’ll learn a neat DIY or makeup trick. Who knows, you might even fall in love with the monochromatic lifestyle too.